if you need to ship a small shipment or large shipment or Exceptional shipment, we will be more than glad to pick them up from your supplier, and delivery it to you wherever place you need.
At Seven Seas AMG, we provide you with perfect Door-to-Door shipping services and we offer the least total price for Door-to-Door shipment and less shipping time to/from Egypt.
We keep the quality of shipping process is very High for our customers because:

  • We analyze the shipment and choose the best way.
  • Your product is always delivered within the promised time.
  • It’s extremely for us that we check all the documents that customs need.
  • We provide an estimate of cost and time, depending on the kind of Goods, and distance between the start and end point.
  • You will get a tracking number that you can use on our website to know where your shipment located at any point of shipping time.
  • One important thing we consider when we ship Door-to-Door is the size and kind of your shipment because this will help us to decide whether we should be shipping your cargo in Full Container Load (FCL) or a Less than Container Load (LCL).